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Welcome to the island of mifit toys

•Vegetarian •Sweet&Sassy •RadButSad

○I like flowers and all things horror

Entirely way to in love with:
•The Perks of being a Wallflower
•The Fault In Our Stars
•Evan Peters
•Tim Burton
•The Walking Dead
•Alice in Wonderland
•American Horror Story
well basically a lot of shows,movies, fandoms and of course I can't forget sex, bands,tea, books, owls and my cats(all animals actually)
& of course, my lovely boyfriend.
▪If you have any questions or need anything, the ask box is right down there
when people don't sit next to me on the bus:offended and relieved
when someone sits next to me:irritated yet flattered






washing your boobs is the most fun part of showering by far because when they are soapy they are so slippery and soft and it is the greatest form of entertainment

whoa what

and with one single post, you’ve given every straight male and homosexual female a boner. 

I like putting the soap bar between them and seeing how far I can launch it. I busted a light that way once tho.

That-that sounds pretty impressive, actually

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a little girl in the grocery store just asked me if i was a princess because my dress was pretty and i said everyone’s a princess and she pointed to her dad and asked if he was a princess too and her dad said yep its true im a princess and she looked so happy idk it was adorable


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